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MQ - rr selecting response

Question asked by napad on Jul 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2016 by Kevin.Bowman

here is what we have done till now

we have only MQ response. Both request and response are long string. request has particular location with fix length of char so that we (LISA) can find what is this request

we have done simple thing by creating custom VSM which has listen, retrieve, java script and post.

Listen - will listen on a particular queue

Retrieve - where we retrieve the message and save it in a variable - ABC

Javascript - whole logic is here request ABC variable parsed and identify the message and send response with variable XYZ

Post - has XYZ. we just have simple if.....else for each message and corresponding response.


this works fine but there is no transaction count on VSE. and it was adhoc approach.


but now we want to implement this in VSM and VSI how do we do that?

any suggestions ? something about scriptable data protocol ? how do we create VSI without request which generally we don't care?

what is the use of messageID and coorelationID?