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Bad URL (Error 400) on Jaspersoft reports with lots of parameters?

Question asked by Rob-BBT on Aug 1, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2016 by Chris_Hackett

We are having an issue with Jaspersoft reports that I hope someone else in the community may have experienced and resolved.    When we run Jaspersoft reports that have a lot of parameters, including the out of the box ones, when you click the Apply button, nothing happens and looking into the diagnostics on Chrome reveals that it is returning an Error 400 Bad URL.  


We have clustered environments that use IIS on the front end that use Siteminder for single sign on that then do an ISAPI redirect to the Clarity Tomcat servers.


We have followed recommendations to increase the URLSegmentMaxLength registry setting since by default JSON parameter legths are limited to 210.   We increased that to 1024.  


The weird thing is that it will run fine on one of the servers in the cluster but not all despite all servers being configured the same way.    So with 3 servers in our UAT cluster, 1 will run reports fine after the registry setting change but the other 2 will still throw a Bad URL error.


For reports that don't have a lot of parameters, the report runs fine on all servers, so it's definitely an issue with the size of the JSON parameters but we can't figure out why it works on only 1 of the servers in the cluster.


Anyone else see this and resolved it?