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Error while importing policy store

Question asked by harshit.verma on Aug 1, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2016 by Ujwol Shrestha

We are trying to import the the existing policy store in a new policy store. We are using smobjimport. Our existing policy store is R12SP3 and the new policy store is R12.52SP1

We are able to successfully import all of the objects expect one object - RootConfig object.

We get the below error in import logs.

ERROR: Failed updating RootConfig object <OID> Status: 'Unknown Failure'


We have tried the below steps:

1) Dropped the tables and started afresh.

2) Reduced the length of DynamicPrefs by deleting unused administrators as the length was more than 1024 which is the max limit.


The error still persists and we are unable to find a solution for this. Please advise.