Bid for the next APM Command Center features!

Discussion created by Florian_Cheval Employee on Aug 2, 2016
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Hello everyone,


It's summertime, and for those of you who are not drinking cocktails on the beach, I have a bit of a new exciting survey to keep you entertained!


More seriously, we want to implement the functionality that you need in your daily jobs, and we want to make it available to you as soon as possible, which is why we need your input on which features you would find more valuable.


So a bit of an explanation on each choice:

  • Remote distribution of an Agent package to a server: You would be able to find/select one of your servers and say "I want to push this particular Agent configuration to this server". Then you would do your startup script editing/app server restarting.
  • Support for .NET Agents: Being able to do what you can do in APM Command Center today, but for .NET Agents.
  • Importing an existing 10.1 or prior Agent configuration: You've got these existing Agent configurations that you have been using for all these years. This would be a way to import them into APM Command Center and convert them into "packages" that can be edited/tracked.
  • Remote installation of Controllers: From the APM Command Center UI, you would be able to enter a hostname/IP, some Admin/root credentials, and we'd install the Controllers without you having to touch the box!
  • Support for EP Agents: Being able to do what you can do in APM Command Center today, but for EP Agents. 
  • Limit specific users to only do specific operations: Maybe there are other users in your organization that would benefit from accessing APM Command Center, but you're a bit scared they would be able to do things they're not supposed to do. This feature would help you limit what they can actually do. 
  • Remote upgrade of an Agent: You have an Agent running APM 10.2. You select it, and you say "Upgrade it to 10.3" now!
  • Discovery of "instrumentable" JVMs on a server: In the UI, for each Server, you can see a list of all the JVMs that are running and are not currently instrumented. You select one of them, and we help you on the road to instrumentation!
  • Only allow users to see or manage specific Agents: You have many Agents. You have many users. You don't want Joe to see/touch  Jack's Agents? This Feature is for you.
  • Editing of PBD files: Do you need to "TraceOneMethodIfFlagged" but don't like doing it on the target server? This Feature is for you. 
  • Other (tell us about your feature in the next question): Do I really need to explain this line?


Now you're ready to rock and roll, take the survey:


Bid for the next APM Command Center features! Survey



Looking forward to reading your responses,