Endevor/DB Front-End

Discussion created by tommy.petersen on Aug 2, 2016

Do you currently use CA Endevor/DB for IDMS for your IDMS migrations?
The product does not have a neat interface, at least I cannot find a description of one, and we have a front-end that is coded in TSO Clists, ISPF Panels and Cobol programs.
The people who were familiar with this front-end have left the company, and we are looking into replacing it with something else.  Preferrably, I am told, a vendor product with support.
Are any of you aware of anything that currently exists as a front-end to Endevor/DB.  I looked at Endevor SCM, but I believe it can handle only non-IDMS components and we would still need a different front-end for Endevor/DB.


Thank you and best regards

Tommy Petersen