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Top N cpu/memory hogger on a server identfication

Question asked by Vikas.Verma on Aug 3, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2016 by Gene_Howard


I am new to UMP (Unified management portal) at the moment so if this is a naïve question then please forgive me. Is there any way in UMP to generate graph for lets say top N (be it 5, 10 or anything) CPU or memory consumers/processes within a server? To explain it more, let me take an example. Lets say we have a server A which is running hot on CPU. How can I get information from UMP to identify which process is using maximum amount of CPU? Can I somehow specify in the tool to generate graphs for top 3 processes which are using maximum amount of CPU for the problematic server?

I am attaching an example output which I am looking from UMP. It shows the kind of data which I am after. In attached example, I have removed server name but in general the data shown is format of "Server_Name, User_Name under which process is running + Process_Name".

Please let me know if this is doable in CA toolset.