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PERL API Setter Method Not Working

Question asked by rusad02 Employee on Aug 3, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2016 by rusad02

Hi All,


Working again with the PERL API trying to use the PolicyMgtRealm:AuthScheme() method to change an existing authentication scheme for a realm. My attempts are failing to actually make the change to the realm. Can anyone see where my logic or misunderstanding of this method is at please. The first image is the code I wrote, and the second image is the contents of the AuthUpdate file. It seems that looks OK, but when I check the Realm in XPSExplorer or AdminUI the Auth Scheme does not properly set to the new $scheme variable.

use warnings;


use Netegrity::PolicyMgtAPI;

my @resources;


open(DEST,">".$destFile) || die "Open file error: $!";

print DEST "Auth Scheme Update for\n";

print DEST "Printed " . scalar(localtime)."";

$policyapi = Netegrity::PolicyMgtAPI->New();

$session = $policyapi->CreateSession("siteminder", "*PW*");

$domain = $session->GetDomain("");



$realm_to_update = $domain->GetRealm(" index");


print DEST "\n Realm is called:" . $realm_to_update->Name();



$realmAuthScheme = $realm_to_update->AuthScheme();


print DEST "\n Realm original auth scheme is: " . $realmAuthScheme->Name();

$scheme = $realmAuthScheme->Name(testBasicAuth);

print DEST "\nNEW SCHEME TO UPDATE IS: " . $scheme;





print "\nAuth Scheme report written to " . $destFile."\n";


Auth Scheme Update for

Printed Tue Jul 12 08:10:12 2016

Realm is index

Realm original auth scheme is: ssoIIS Forms Authentication




Thank you for your time,