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How to take a VSI matched response and turn it into a new request?

Question asked by paul.yeung on Aug 3, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2016 by paul.yeung

Hi, I've been requested to try a proof of concept for DevTest Service Virtualization. Normally in DevTest, I make a VSI/VSM out of a request/response pair (for WebService), where you have a DevTest virtualizing one system. We send in one request into System A (DevTest) and it spits the response of A right back.


I've been asked to see if its possible to do something where we have a request going into System A, instead of simply returning a response, we can use that response as a request input into a System B, and then have the response of B returned as the final response. So instead of User --> A --> User, we have User --> A --> B --> User.


I've been trying to design a method with two VS Image Selection Response steps in series (with different VSI each, virtualizing two different systems A & B) and trying to find a way to use the VSI matched response of A as the request of B. Can anybody help me with this?


I can see the Virtual HTTPs Responder step uses a property called "lisa.vse.response". I also don't understand how to modify this property or how it is used internally during the VS Image Selection Response step. I am also having trouble finding information on this.


Any help or information would be appreciated, thanks!