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WSFED Resource Partner Entity ID Not Showing in "Local Identity Provider" Drop-down List

Question asked by Richard Faust Employee on Aug 4, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2016 by Kelly Wong


Platform:  Windows 2012 R2

Policy Server:  CA SSO r12.6 SP2


We have created a local WSFED Resource Partner entity ID using the WAMUI.  XPSExplorer confirms the object was created:


              (I) Name  : "Customer.SP"

                (C) ID  : "My-Customer-SP"

       (C) SAMLVersion  : "2.0"

      (C) WSFEDVersion  : "1.2"

We then try to create a "WSFED RP -> IP" partnership.  The newly created WSFED Resource Partner does not appear in the drop-down list for the "Local Identity Provider" field.


Has anyone else seen this issue and have advice on how to resolve this problem?