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CA Strong authentication-Invalid password format

Question asked by AMITH-123 on Aug 5, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2016 by AMITH-123

Hi Team,


I have integrated authminder 8.1 with CA siteminder 12.52. As you all know shim.fcc is the interface between these two products. I have CA directory as user store in siteminder. As im trying to authenticate a user over shim.fcc which is the auth scheme defined in siteminder i'm facing the below error in adaptershim.log in authminder and smps log in siteminder. The same authentication works with html form template and basic auth scheme. Can you please let me know why this happens Is it a problem with CA directory?


Thu Aug 04 11:25:14.502 2016 NOTICE:  pid 4168 tid 5524: 0 Start SmAuthenticate for user [Bernd STARK]

Thu Aug 04 11:25:14.502 2016 ERROR:   pid 4168 tid 5524: 0 [706051103]: Invalid password format