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Deploying AFM Wizard using WebLogic Application Server

Question asked by abhijit.x.das on Aug 7, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2016 by abhijit.x.das


I am using WebLogic Application Server for my CA Strong Authentication 8.1 Deployment. However, i am unable to launch the Arcot AFM Wizard to Create a AFM profile. The URL I am using http[s]://hostname:port/AFMWizard. This is also the URL that is mentioned in the CA Documents. I have also tried with different URL's like  http[s]://hostname:port/ArcotAFMWizard and http[s]://hostname:port/Arcot Systems/ArcotAFMWizard. I am trying to access this URL from the server where the CA Strong Authentication is installed. Application server is up and running and I am also able to launch the Strong Authentication Admin Console.

- Is there a different URL and Port to use to launch the AFMWizard or is there a different way to launch the AFM Wizard in case of WebLogic Server.

- Can we configure the AFM Profile manually without having to use the AFMWizard. If yes, then what would be the process to configure the profile.