Fail to install Service Desk connector

Discussion created by s.demartino on Aug 8, 2016
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Hi to all, I have installed IT PAM on our envirovement, and now i try to install ca SDM connector.

This my task to install:

1) Shutdown ITPAM on server

2) Lunch "./PAM_connector_installer_CA_ServiceDesk_unix.sh" as root I have placed it on /root

3) Accept license

4) give ITPAM installation path.

It return to me this:


Checking whether CA Process Automation orchestrator is running
Initializing Connector Installer
Choose Connectors to Install/Update
Install CA Process Automation Connectors
Extracting files...
Downloading ...
Extracting files...
Installing/Updating Selected Connectors.
Deleting temporary folder
Finishing installation...


But when  restart services I cannot find  the connector for SDM

Some Help