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Variables in PIM

Question asked by Wael AbdelWahab Champion on Aug 9, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2016 by Reatesh


we are running CA PIM 12.9 sp1 , ENTM on Linux and managing many endpoints (AIX, Solaris, Windows)

we are trying to use the CA examples for protecting OS from the path (/opt/CA/AccessControlServer/APMS/AccessControl/samples/Policies/OS)

I trying to modify the _win2003_deploy.txt to our environment, adding the systems users and all that (I will attached the file I have modified)

but the problem is that when I try to apply it on test server (either from the endpoint management - configuration and upload the file ,  or register it as policy and apply it from the ENTM )

I receive errors regarding the defined variables , I will attached the error log .

I don't know the errors ,, is nearly used the CA sample without modification (expect adding the users in the AC role group )

ex: of error

ERROR: <!POLICY_AUDIT_MODE> is an invalid audit value for resources

although eh POLICY_AUDIT_MODE  is defined !!


UPDATE: the creation of the ACVAR variables done successfully as I run  ( sr ACVAR *) on the test machine and it list all build it and custom variables ,, but the system cannot translate or look after the variables when it is like ("!<POLICY_AUDIT_MODE>") for example.


can you help me ,, we need that in this project fast


best regards