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How-To Rollback Connector server.from SP4 to SP2

Question asked by Chris_Ryan_Thomas on Aug 9, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2016 by KennyV

Working to certify upgrade procedure for JCS from SP2 to SP4, but first need to downgrade test environment to match production so that it can be tested properly. Would appreciate any advice from the community because I'm sure other architects may have faced a similar conundrum like this before in the past.


Need to understand the procedure to follow in order to rollback connector server from SP4 to SP2. Should I:

A) uninstall the connector server and reinstall it? If so, any manual uninstall procedures I should follow for cleaning up file structure / registry before running the SP2 Installer? (Please keep in mind SP4 provisioning server is on the same machine, so not sure the InstallAnywhere file will let us install a lower version SP2 of the connector server without manipulating it, correct?)

B) Uninstall both connector server and provisioning server, clean up registry / file system, Install both provisioning server and connector server SP2 version)

C) Leave everything as is simply stop services and delete connector server file system, manipulate install anywhere file to think it's sp2 then run a connector server repair?


Please help me to understand most effective approach to tackle this problem in the most efficient manner with limited to no complications.