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Lots of metrics because of

Question asked by Vaibhav.Jindal on Aug 10, 2016
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Hello Team,


We are monitoring OS components like CPU,Disk and Memory through EPAgent. Once CPU is high then I have to check which PID is consuming more CPU and some time need to check the PIDs in historical data also if necessary.


We are having EPAgent on around 30 Solaris/Linux servers. I am getting around 40000 of metrics from TopCPU. Script contains command "ps -eo 'user,pcpu,rss,pid,comm' | sort -k 2 -nr | head -10". Whenever I am running given command on console it is providing only Top 10 PIDs.


PFA the script and let me know what I have to change so that we can see only top metrics and can avoid other metrics. Example SS is also attached.


Let me know if you need more information from me.