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Clarity 13.2 MSP addin installation issue

Question asked by varadarajan on Aug 11, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2016 by varadarajan

Hi All,


We are on Clarity 13.2 and we use Clarity Schedule Connect 13.2 to work with MS Project 2010.

One of users is facing addin installation issue. (See image below).

She has got Clarity Schedule Connect 13.2 installed on her system and when she tries to install the addin, she is getting the following error.

She has got all the pre-requisites installed properly

1. VSTO Runtime tools.

2. Java 1.7

3. Project Hotfix.

4. .net 4.5.2


We have tried reinstalling all the pre-requisites and Schedule Connect 13.2 but they are of no help.

Please help.