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Question asked by steelzik1 on Aug 11, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2016 by Hiko_Davis

Hello I am currently working on a POC(Proof of concept ) for CA APM and i have run into countless issues, but these current issues are what would determine if the deal can be close. We are supposed to monitor Three Application 1 mobile app and two web based application. The issues are as below;


  1. On the mobile banking application, we were made to know by understand consultant that the application CEM monitoring is not possible because it’s only a mobile based app for which another component call MAA (Mobile App Analytics) needs to be installed. We how ever got in contact with an APM consultant from eastern Europe, who mentioned for the sake of a poc Mobile application monitoring can be achieved irrespective of no APM.
  2. We setup a Red-hat Linux server for the installation of TIM, then the issue of port span came up. That there is need for the server hosting the Mobile App and Tim sever to be on the same switch and Port span configured between there ports and the customer cannot setup Rspan across there network, so the only option we have is to move servers around to make the test possible.


Please I need urgent advice on how to resolve these issues, or stand losing this opportunity.