Tech Tip: When using JasperSoft (CABI 6.1) to run a “Top-N” style report, the results are duplicated.

Discussion created by Shane_Ryan Employee on Aug 11, 2016

When using JasperSoft (CABI 6.1) for reporting with Spectrum 10.1.1 to run a “Top-N” style report, records are duplicated in the results.


The initial root cause analysis, is that the number of duplicates is based on the number of Oneclick users.

e.g. with 4 users in Oneclick, we saw that alarms were duplicated 4 times and with 11 users on another system, alarms were duplicated 28 times for the same report type.


The workaround is enabling SRM security as “Top-N” report results are user-specific, i.e. when a user with restricted model access runs a report, only the models that he has access to are displayed.  Here we are seeing all models for all users, when SRM security is NOT enabled from the OC web admin page, so access is unrestricted.

This issue is currently being investigated by Sustaining Engineering as Defect DE201759 and a resolution will be published once verified.

This has also been created as TEC1333423.