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Update after changing display mappings.

Question asked by urmas on Aug 11, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2016 by urmas

There are three Status attributes for the Status Report object

They use lookup Status Report Status (user defined static) which has three values with ID's/enums 10 20 and 30.

The Overall Status attribute is calculated from these three (summing the ID's) and has display mappings

0 - 40

40 - 90

90 - 100


I think somebody recently asked about changing similar mapping and the answer was that there is no problem.

(I cannot find where the might have been, if somebody knows then please let me know)

So I went and changed

First the lookup

Then the Status Attribute display mappings

to have the new Significant Variance with ID 41

Finally the Overall Status display mappings


In the test the status attributes and display mappings including Overall Status work as desired in new Status Reports created after the changes. However for the already existing Status reports the statutes are not updated though the changes are reflected.

One of the attributes in the old report had the now deactivated value. It is not mapped any more therefore the White image.

Apparently the ID is still used because the the Overall Status is Yellow while with both the old display mapping and the new display mapping it should be Green if the ID of the White status is not used.

If the new display mappings for the Overall Status were used it should be Red, but it is Yellow which matches the old display mappings of the Overall Status,


Nika_Hadzhikidi and others: Does that mean that I have to update manually every single Status Report Status where the value is the deactivated one. I take that when I do save the Overall Status is re-calculated and displayed according to the new mappings.

Are there options for manual update?