CA PPM and Jaspersoft Patches Are Available from the Documentation

Discussion created by John_George Employee on Aug 12, 2016

As previously announced by NamitaMish here, the latest Cumulative Patch for CA PPM Release 14.3 ( has been released and is available for you to download.


Did you know that the latest Cumulative Patches for CA PPM and Jaspersoft are available from the CA PPM documentation? Find the patch highlights, a link to the patch announcement, a link to the Readme, and a link to download the patch in the Release Information area of the documentation. You will find this Patches page in the 14.2, 14.3, and 14.4 documentation.


Below you see screen shots for how to access the Patches page in the 14.3 documentation. We hope you find this useful so you can always be aware of and make sure to install the most current Cumulative Patch.


CA PPM and Jaspersoft Patches 1.png


CA PPM and Jaspersoft Patches 2.png