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Is there a way to send a clearing alert (SNMP Trap) from APM v10.1 to SOI v3.4

Question asked by mparikh72 Champion on Aug 12, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2016 by musma03

Currently as it's architected...


When a "danger" threshold is breached in an Introscope APM alert there is a corresponding "action" associated. That "action" is to send an SNMP trap to SOI via SOI Connector. In parallel, there is also a "caution" alert defined with the same "action". When the alert threshold value goes below the "danger" value, it qualifies for breaching the "caution" threshold value. At which point another snmp trap "action" is sent to SOI. This acts as a clearing alarm/event/alert for SOI so that it can clear the danger alert associated with respective service.


If a "caution" alert "action" is not set (configured) and left empty.....there is no way for SOI to determine if that "danger" alert has subsided/reduced. In other words, there is NO clearing alert that's sent from APM if the danger threshold is subsided (data point has gone below the threshold value).


Is there a way for APM to send a clearing alert (or SNMP trap) to SOI so that when the "danger" alert is reduced, SOI can get the info and act accordingly?


Thanks in advance for anyone/everyone's assistance.