DevTest Solutions Integration with Jenkins and Bamboo

Discussion created by anpanday on Aug 15, 2016
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Hi All,


As part of DevOps adoption, we are thinking of implementing an integration of DevTest solutions with Jenkins or with Bamboo. The purpose of starting this thread is to have as many suggestions or inputs as we can have to implement the same and let other teams to follow the same using this thread. Here are some open questions:


  1. Is Integration of DevTest with Jenkins or Bamboo possible?
  2. If answer to the question 1 is yes, are there any links or documentation available to follow the framework.?
  3. Can we deploy both Virtual services in VSE and Test cases in CVS with help of integration?
  4. If test case deployment is possible, will we be able to get the reports in Jenkisn/Bamboo (not only the pdf reports but step wise analysis).


I hope this thread will be a good way of implementing DevOps tools with DevTest. I look forward to seeing amazing facts/answers from talented pool of DevTest community.