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How to get who rejected and who approved timesheet action item

Question asked by prakashsinghoec on Aug 16, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2016 by prakashsinghoec

Dear All,


I have a timesheet approval process, that approved timesheet if all project manager provides their approval.


For example:- I booked time against project  p1,p2 and p3 hence process will send action item to PM1,PM2 and PM3, once action item approved by all my timesheet will get approved.


If it's return my either of the PMs leads my timesheet to return so here i wanted to know who return and who have approved my time so that i can ask particullar PM before submitting my time.


Is their any ways, can we get this from database?

I have checked below tables.

1. CAL_ACTION_ITEM_ASSIGNEES :- in this table Status_code is changing to 'CAl_ClOSED' and showing last updated by process_admin after timesheet return so no luck here.

2.BPM_RUN_STEP_ACTION_RESULTS, on timesheet return it's showing last updated by process_admin.

i have also checked few other tables like CAL_ACTION_ITEMS,BPM_RUN_ASSIGNEES,BPM_DEF_STEP_AI_ACTIONS etc , but no luck


Thanks in Adv.