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ORA-00018 Maximum number of connections exceeded

Question asked by Lowell on Aug 17, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2016 by Chris_Hackett

Our CA PPM system went down when the application decided to exceed the maximum number of database connections.  On researching, I found there are some Java Parameters that will get rid of unused connections.


1: How do you apply these parameters to the BG and App services?

2: What syntax would you use?


When I add this to the Database Connection string in the Properties.xml, it clears them out when I start the application.


When I add these to the App Service, it does not start the service.  There doesn't appear to be JVM parameters for the BG service.


Help!  How do I add these settings to PPM Services to keep CA PPM from establishing infinite connections?



<jobSchedulerInstance id="bg" serviceName="Clarity Background Server" runJobScheduler="true" maxConcurrentJobs="20" runProcessEngine="true" messageTimeToLive="120" messageReceiverInterval="5" exceptionRunInterval="normal" serviceUser="your_user" servicePassword="your_password" autoStartService="true"/>




(boolean) Flag to remove abandoned connections if they exceed the removeAbandonedTimeout. If set to true a connection is considered abandoned and eligible for removal if it has been in use longer than the removeAbandonedTimeout Setting this to true can recover db connections from applications that fail to close a connection. See also logAbandoned The default value is false.


(int) Timeout in seconds before an abandoned(in use) connection can be removed. The default value is 60 (60 seconds). The value should be set to the longest running query your applications might have.


(boolean) Flag to log stack traces for application code which abandoned a Connection. Logging of abandoned Connections adds overhead for every Connection borrow because a stack trace has to be generated. The default value is false.