Jasper Studio - Create Data Adapter for SDM

Discussion created by SteveTroy Employee on Aug 18, 2016
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To create a Data Adapter after installing Jasper Studio one must do the following:


  • Expand Repository Explorer and right mouse click on Data Adapter and Select Create Data Adapter.
  • Select Database JDBC Connection from the drop down list and hit Next
  • Set the 4 attributes as shown below:
    • JDBC Driver - com.ddtek.jdbc.openaccess.OpenAccessDriver
    • JDBC URL    - jdbc:openaccess://host_name_of_SDM_Server
      • Note: This is the host name of the SDM Server,  not the host name of the server hosting the MDB
    • Username      - ServiceDesk or any userid that has Read Access to the MDB
    • Password       - Password for the Username entered above



  • Click on the Driver Classpath Tab and click on Add
  • Browse to the location where oajc.jar is located
    • Note: If you installed Jasper Studio on a standalone server (highly recommended) you will need to copy oajc.jar from the server that hosts Jasper Report Server to the server that is hosting Jasper Studio



  • Click on Test
    • If all is good the test will return a Successful message