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Introscope v10.1 agent install for Apache embedded in Oracle HTTP Server (OHS)

Question asked by mparikh72 Champion on Aug 18, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2016 by mparikh72

I've not come across this flavor for introcope agent install on Solaris.


Can someone help me out on which installer I would pick?


I am currently using "IntroscopeAgentInstaller10.1.0.15unix.tar" which i've untarred. I would think this would be the package to use for agent install, right?

If this is the correct package then which app server type do I pick during my install?


Specify the type of application server to monitor.

    1- Default

    2- JBoss

    3- Tomcat

    4- WebLogic

    5- WebSphere

    6- Interstage


When I spoke to the app owner, they told me it's


Apache embedded in Oracle HTTP Server (OHS)

OHS and Oracle Application Sever (OAS)


Thanks in advance for your help