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how to stage selenium Integration Test in a solaris box

Question asked by Geeta.deo.1 on Aug 19, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2016 by MarcyNunns

Hi Team,


We have created the Selenium Integration test and its running fine on local machine (lisa 7.5.1/Dev Test 9.5) but i want to stage it into my server ( which is a solarix box) ?what configuration is required for that ?


1) I already have IEDriverServer.exe and chromedriver.exe which i have used to ran it on my local( windows machine).

2) For my Solaris box (SunOS  5.11 11.2 sun4v sparc sun4v) did i need different driver for IE and Chrome ?i got 1  for but didnt get anything for IE ?


Is there any specific change that we need to do for staging the test in server ( which later will ran through bamboo or Jenkins job) or just placing the Unix/linux wedriver for IE/Chrome/firefox under lisa folder will wrk ? IF yes can someone provide me the driver details as i got only one  for Chrome( ) not sure if this is correct as it seems to be a text file ( didnt found anything for IE and firefox).


Can someone help for same ?