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Promoting customization/changes to test and production environments

Question asked by mmatlosz on Aug 22, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2016 by pier-olivier.tremblay

We're about to do our first deployment from our Dev environment to Test. 


In regards to PAM, we understand that process well, since there is tooling for doing

imports and exports of our custom code.


However, in regards to our Service Desk customizations, we're left feeling at least somewhat in the dark.  We've reviewed the implementation documentation and see that moving WSP customizations is a matter of copying from one directory to another.


The parts that we need clarification on how to promomte up through the environments are:

  1. Database Schema modifications that we done via WSP
  2. Custom 'Request Areas' that were created as Administrators of the DEV SDM instance
  3. Custom Data Partitions
  4. Custom Request/Incident/Problem Statuses


Is there a way of packaging or bundling these customizations together so that an Admin in the TEST environment can simply unpack them, OR do they need manually recreated in each environment as we progress? 


If there is a way of packaging those customizations together, is there also a way to include the htmpl, css and js changes as well?