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UIM Architecture (Windows Primary HUB, Linux Secondary HUB, Linux UMP ) and SOI

Question asked by Solva1978 on Aug 22, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2018 by Karim_Zamra

Hello Guys,

I have a some questions regards architecture.

     1)  The UIM doesn't support Linux NMS with MS SQL database together. Does somebody know the reason why? JDBC connections with correct driver (jTDS) should cover also MS SQL databases.


     2) We will implement UIM and SOI with UIM connector (and Spectrum, APM connector also). The currently we have Spectrum/APM on linux and Linux is preferred OS for new applications.

    The our idea was implement UIM on Linux with MS SQL database and the same database server had to be shared with SOI.  Main reason was economy impact, because the customer spent money for CA product and they has the licenses and experiences with MS SQL.

     Unfortunately UIM does not support the combination NMS on Linux with MS SQL database backend.


     The Oracle license is quite expensive and customer hasn't guys which will care about it. MySQL database is not useable, because SOI connector supports MS SQL/Oracle DB only.


     Our new idea is to have primary NMS server on Windows connected to MS SQL database and other servers (secondary hub/UMP portal) have on Linux, all robots will be connected to secondary hubs.

We are feel more comfortable with Linux operating system and this idea should fulfill economics and technical requirements - We will eliminate Oracle DB and most component will be on Linux)


Has somebody experience with it and want to share it? I would like to know also your opinion.



Thank you and have a nice day.