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Securing CA SDM Mobile App

Question asked by phisa04 Employee on Aug 23, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2016 by Jon_Israel

     We are currently engaged with a large telcom customer in India, for implementing CA solutions. This customer want to enable CA SDM Mobile option on their intranet and internet as well.

     They have downloaded the CA SDM mobile app from Android store, and currently connecting to their intranet SDM Application Servers, and CA SDM mobile app is functioning as expected.

     However, they have raised a couple of questions on the mobility security front. This customer has strict norms when publishing any of their apps on the Internet. Therefore, it is a mandate for them to use some Mobile Access Gateway (MAG) solution to secure any of their apps, on the Internet.

     In this regard, they want to use IBM 360 Mobile Access Management solution, where they can wrap the CA SDM .apk file, and employees / partners can download the packaged .apk file. Some of the benefits of wrapping the app are IP address and port details are pre-populated, SSO enabled, etc.


     This customer has suggested to CA the following option for enabling their CA SDM Mobility:

     1. Can CA create a dedicated app that should be only able to connect SDM server in customer environment, with a custom wrapper where we can publish it to our employees / partners for download via our public portal with mobile handset level  authentication \ enrollment? – Not anybody with SDM app published on appstore should be able to connect with the customer's server and it has to be restricted to only published users.


     While it is not possible for CA to provide any custom app for a specific customer, would there be any other option to enable a secure CA SDM mobile app?


     The CA SDM Application server that will be hosted on internet, will be sitting in DMZ and we will be hosting it using HTTPS (with SSL cert).


Any thoughts?? Anyone??



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