Integration of CA Spectrum with VMS

Discussion created by sagar.jadhav8 on Aug 23, 2016
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Hello All,


We have integrated VMS with CA Spectrum and i could see events being forwarded from VMS to CA Spectrum. But when the alarms is getting generated for any event, Network Address field displays Blank value.


Is there any customization which can be performed to get the Network Address / Device name of the device.


NOTE : I can see the device name in the event which is getting generated.


Below is the sample event getting generated in CA Spectrum

A "nvVideoChannelTrap" event has occurred, from EventAdmin device, named DCVMSDB.

nvRecorderVideoChannelLoggerNumber = 288849915

nvRecorderVideoChannelLoggerNumber.nvRecorderVideoChannelChannelID = 1212

nvRecorderVideoChannelDeviceNumber = 0

nvRecorderVideoChannelIndexInDevice = 0

nvRecorderVideoChannelChannelNumber = 11

nvRecorderVideoChannelChannelName = Taxi Stand (Hirnadani) Cam-1, Kharghar

nvRecorderVideoChannelType = Input

nvRecorderVideoChannelSeverity = critical

nvRecorderVideoChannelStatusString = Channel On Signal Loss State;

nvRecorderVideoChannelChannelDesc = KHARG-17-BANK -JB-197_FIX3