CA Performance Management 3.0 Sprint 3 Review

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Our first PM 3.0 customer-facing end of sprint demo will be this Thurs, Aug 25, 10am-12pm ET.


The CA PM Engineering team will be demoing the progress that we've made against select features targeted for PM 3.0.  This session will focus on enhancements to support Managed Service Provider (MSP) deployments.

Some of the capabilities we are targeting for review include:

  • Allow customers to extend item data model with custom attributes
  • Ability to support multiple tenants on a Data Collector
  • Allow CAPC to support multiple NFA data source instances
  • Support group context in NFA "Top Enterprise Hosts By Volume" and "Top Enterprise Protocols By Volume" views
  • Allow editing data source role rights for tenants


You need to be a member of the CA IM Pre-Release Group to register for this demo.  If you are not already a member of the CA IM Pre-Release Group and would like to join, email  Please include the email address associated with your community account.  We will send you an invite to that group within the community.  After accepting the group invite, you will be able to view the event posting that contains instructions on how to register for the demo.


Here’s the link to the event in the CA IM Pre-Release Group: CA Performance Management 3.0 End of Sprint Demo


We'd love to have you join and hear your feedback!