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How to import the entire content of jaspersoft from one instance to other

Question asked by Agin on Aug 25, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2016 by Chris_Hackett

Hi All,


We have integrated Jaspersoft (version 6.1.0) to our Clarity application 14.3 (Patch 7). Our team had done  a lot of customization in it. So we have good number of folders and its authorizations etc.

 Now i want to export the entire things from Jaspersoft except users. List of users going to use jaspersoft in different instances will be different. If I go in jaspersoft console (manage--> server settings --> export  -->export everything --> include access events) i will get a zip file including users, it even include super user also with password encrypted in xml file. if I import it in another environment, it will copy the superuser password.(we are using different password for superuser in different instance).


If we extract the zip file which we exported from one instance and remove the 'user' folder and zip it again, can i import the file. Will it work ?


Or please let me know any other workaround for this. So we can avoid lot of manual activities and save our time also.