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Why does Policy Manager maintain 20 https connections to the Gateway?

Question asked by mtrinath on Aug 25, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2016 by Stephen_Hughes


  I have noticed that when I open Policy Manager and login to the Gateway, it opens 20 connections with the Gateway during load and once the UI is loaded, it tries to maintain at least one connection. i.e. 19 connections in CLOSE_WAIT state and 1 connection in ESTABLISHED state. When the oldest CLOSE_WAIT closed, it opens up another connection in ESTABLISHED state and the previous one goes into CLOSE_WAIT.

  Though I understand this is something happening behind the scenes and something which we must not be interested, however it effects our working when we try to access the Gateway from different locations.

   We intermittently get error like 'Connection to the Gateway broken' even while we are working and Policy Manager abruptly closed. In another case, we keep getting 'Waiting for response from the Gateway' and it takes ages to open and sometimes it doesn't open. All this from locations where I can make happily a web service call to the Gateway i.e. no issue with the connectivity to the Gateway as such from the workstations as such. 

   Can I understand a bit more on this behaviour? Are these all restman calls behind the scenes? Do we need to have any special considerations when connecting from different parts of the network i.e. secure, internet, dmz, vpn?