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Budget Cost not up to date

Question asked by TiagoAb on Aug 25, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2016 by Kathryn_Ellis

Hello everyone,


I recently encountered a problem with one of our projects, specifically with the cost plan, calculations of  planned cost.


When i run the following query i get inconsistent results that have nothing to do with the actual data that is showed in Clarity.


select *
from odf_ssl_cst_dtl_cost
where prj_object_id in (select id from fin_cost_plan_details where plan_id=???)


I doubled checked the plan_id from the url, and it seems all checks out but the values presented have nothing to do with the values displayed in the cost plan.


This issue only occurs for some of our projects, the rest of them return consistent values.


I tried to recalculate the time slices but no change there, also can you tell me what time slices i should calculate for this? or it has nothing to do with time slices? .


I ran this ones:

- monthlycurrentbaseprojusage

- monthlycurrentbaseprojcost


Is there something i am forgetting or this is a much deeper issue that requires a ticket?


Anyone have an idea of what is happening here?


CA PPM 14.3

SQL Server 2012 Enterprise


Thank you!