UIM - Operations Use Cases

Discussion created by bwcole on Aug 26, 2016
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I've been trying for the last year to try to develop the operational use cases for UIM and then use the elements within UIM to develop an end user manual or some end user profiles.


My latest attempt was development of "So you got an alert notification" triage plan, and thought that others may have already went down this path and would be willing to share their operations manual in context of CA UIM.


1.  How is the end user notified of a critical condition? (email, a sound, some blinking lights)

2.  When the end user, an operator receives the alert, what are they suppose to do?

     2a.  What skill set does the operator have?  (operator profile)

     2b.   Does the alert notification have the contact point, department or starting triage instructions?

3.  Once the operator has completed what they can do with the alert, how/who/when should the next tier be woke up?

4.  What is tier two's profile?


I've tried to shoe-horn UIM into our current operators manual but UIM has a quite different spin on alerts and alerting options out of the box.  Sure, I could pipe all the alerts to a massive LUA script that forms the data packet to drive a notification that looks just like our other monitoring systems, but is that what everyone is doing?


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