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MDB patch required  for cp3 on top of cp2 ???

Question asked by shamaluwm on Aug 26, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2016 by Kyle_R

We have 14.1 with CP2 on windows.  While  applying 14.1 CP3.

It prompts for DB config .


BUT there is also option to skip !!! Also more info tells  

If the MDB patch is already installed for a capability, you can skip this step by clicking the "Skip this step" link.


#I believe in previous cumulative patch  we did apply mdb patch once

How do I know if this can be skipped or really required. We need to work with DBA for  SA access.


BTW when I skip this step then I don't see  Xflow and search server component selected in next screen !!! 


RE:   Latest patch for Service desk manager 

Thanks in advance