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LDAP sync job for existing clarity users

Question asked by cappmfan on Aug 29, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2016 by Chris_Hackett

Hi Experts,


Just wanted to validate my undrstanding of the job - "LDAP - Synchronize New and Changed Users ".

I have ldap configured to authenticate clarity users.


I am trying to enable ldap authentication for one user that already exists in clarity with external authentication disabled and inactive on admin->resource side.

So, I add the user to LDAP group. Settings in NSA for ldap are already configured - its working for other ldap-enabled users in clarity.


I believe next steps is to run the ldap sync job.

What does this job do now? will it make the user active on clarity side and tick the external auth checkbox.

Do i need to make this user active and then run the job?


Please advise.