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Events/Rules Actions in Service Catalog 14.1

Question asked by jwood1 on Aug 30, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2016 by Chris_Hackett

Hi all, 

I am having an issue in Catalog that is driving me crazy....any help would be greatly appreciated. 



I have a service offering that is linked to a group that is linked to a form.


My events rules and actions are like this


This external_id is indeed the external_id of the Service Option Group (SOG). 


Now when I go to my Service Offering and hit submit, it shows my rule is indeed working, but I only want 1 process to be kicked off in ITPAM and not 8!




I then go back to my rules and make the rule something junk

external_id = xxxx


When I run another request in catalog, nothing kicks off to ITPAM as expected. 


I change the rule again from 


back to

external_id = 'MyBounceServiceDesk'


In would say that nothing has been changed?

However, when I submit the form again in Catalog, there are still no processes. 


In my frustration I delete the entire rule and start again. 

I create the rule again with event filter : external_id = 'MyBounceServiceDesk'. 

Now I am back to seeing the 8 processes instead of just 1.


Can anyone please advise if they have seen such strange behavior before or if I am missing something entirely?