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Incorrect mapping instructions error using the GMU

Question asked by Albertwaninge on Aug 30, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2016 by Albertwaninge

I am trying to migrate an OTK. But to my surprise I get the error "Incorrect mapping instructions: Cannot find entity type FOLDER with id: 0000000000000000ffffffffffffec76 in this entity bundle.. Mapping for: EntityHeader. Name=null, id=0000000000000000ffffffffffffec76, description=null, type = FOLDER"  while this mentioned folder is right there in the bundle (as the first item). The next two Folders in the 



In the bundle it looks like this: 

<l7:Folder folderId="0000000000000000ffffffffffffec76" id="b0cc674adb2a2ef13f2d555678a86e89" version="2">


and it is mapped as follows:

<l7:Mapping action="NewOrUpdate" srcId="0000000000000000ffffffffffffec76" srcUri="" type="FOLDER"/>


For the migrateOut I did not specify a defaulAction and the default mapping was:

<l7:Mapping action="NewOrExisting" srcId="0000000000000000ffffffffffffec76" srcUri="" type="FOLDER">
<l7:Property key="FailOnNew">


I ran manageMappings on all folders with --action NewOrUpdate, which in the end formed my bundle. Before rnuning that command I got the error that the migration failed, because the folder had to be created newly.


Can someone explain why I get this enigmatic error?


If necessary, I'll upload the files. But they would have to be cleared from sensitive information, so preferably not...