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ERROR #EmbIAAccessProvider # EmbIAMAccessProvider  SafeContextFacotry.getSafeContext failed for config: AccessConfig[HostName=<eem_host, Locale=

Question asked by robbindo on Aug 31, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2016 by Antony_Askew.1

I just installed EEM 12.5 CR04 (Release: on one server and WCC 11.4 SP2 on a different server and I am getting a blank page when I go to launch WCC via URL: http://<wcc_host>:8080/wcc


I also see [Authenticate Error: Authentication Failed] EE_SPONSORERROR iSponsor Error


I tried pinging wcc to eem and eem to wcc, it pings fine

I tried telnet to port 5250 on the eem host, it connects fine

I tried restarting WCC services

I tried reinstalling WCC multiple times.


Its almost as if its not retrieving something from the EEM host and it cannot.


I retrieved the above errors from %CA_WCC_INSTALL_LOCATION%/logs/ca-wcc.log and %CA_WCC_INSTALL_LOCATION%/log/application/launcher-ui directories.


Please help. thx