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If suppose a third party wants an Oauth Authentication ,how we can do it in policy manager,say as client wants facebook for its Oauth Authentication.Can someone please elaborate on this.and provides all the steps., If suppose a third party wants an Oauth

Question asked by SoniaMehta on Aug 31, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2016 by Simon Crum

Can someone pkease explain me about Oauth authentication step by step to be done for a client .Let say it is for Rest API.

I got somewhere to read about SSL mutual authentication is required at first place.I also got to know that we need to create key,certificates for a client .but i did nt get the part how gateway will authenticate the client.and why we need to crete user for Gateway as identity provider.Can you please explain me little about "Gateway as Identity provider".I know i am little confused about this...but please help to get the concept of how it is done...?