CA PPM(Clarity) Tuesday Tip: Default value in the page filter does not show up when navigating between tabs in the portlet page - PERSIST option checked

Discussion created by Jerin_Sebastian Employee on Aug 31, 2016
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Have you encountered an issue with the default values in the page filter of a portlet page not showing up? Also, even if the PERSIST option is checked in the filter portlet, navigating between the tabs in the same dashboard does not show the filters persisted. 


The functionality of PERSIST option in the Page Filter is to persist the values in the filter even while switching the tabs in the dashboard. 


1. Create a portlet filter with 4 attributes
Attribute A, Attribute B, Attribute C & Attribute D
Attribute A should have a default value as 'Apple'
Attribute D should have a default value as 'Australia'
2. Create a portlet page with tabs and create 4 tabs under this portlet page
Tab 1, Tab 2, Tab 3, Tab 4
3. Navigate to each of the above tabs and under Page Filters, add the portlet filter created in Step#1 and check the PERSIST check box.
4. Also, click on the Filter mappings in each of the above tabs under page filter and
Tab 1 - map filter attribute A and B
Tab 2 - map filter attribute A and B
Tab 3 - map filter attribute C and D
Tab 4 - map filter attribute C and D
5. Publish the portlet page
6. Confgure this portlet page to show in the Home Menu
7. Navigate to the portlet page
Expected and Actual: The landing page of the portlet page is Tab 1 and the page fitler is showing correct values for Attribute A and B
8. Click on Tab 3
Expected: The page filter should show the default value for Attribute D which is Australia
Actual: The page filter shows the first value in the static lookup we created for Attribute D and not Australia.


The root cause for the default filter value not showing up is 'PERSIST'. The system is designed in such a way that, when PERSIST option is checked, the filters are retrieved from DB only for the landing page and then it gets cached. In the above example, Attribute A and B is configured to show in Tab 1 and they are cached.
Since Attribute c & D is not in Tab 1, they won't be cached and when navigating to other tabs which has C and D, the system would just pick the first value in the lookup.
This has been logged as BUG CLRT-80992 and is under development review. 


Work Around:
Uncheck the PERSIST option and this will force the system to pick the filter value from the DB each time the tabs are swtiched.
But with this work around, the PERSIST functionality cannot be used which means if you filter for something in the first tab, it will not persist when moving to other tabs in the portlet page.


Check this KB for more info

The default page filters are not showing up in dashboards when the PERSIST option is checked in the page filter.