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Moving Management Module Elements

Question asked by uspatentpending on Aug 31, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2016 by uspatentpending

Hi all,


We were thinking in the past that we've been able to move management elements (metric groupings, alerts, etc.) between environments (test to prod or vice versa) by just dragging and dropping them from one workstation to the other workstation.  This doesn't appear to work for me.  We have a 9.5.0 environment.


Has anyone been able to do this? Am I missing something easy.  Is there a better way to mass export a bunch of metric groupings, alerts, etc. and then import them into another environment?  I was thinking I could also copy all the metrics I want into a new module and then copy that module's jar file over to the other environment's module directory.  After that then I could move the individual elements to other management modules.