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CI and affected end user

Question asked by Johnny_2302 on Aug 31, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2016 by birolturker.kara

Hi Team,


I'm stuck with few problems here: 


Scenario 1:

I'm working on the employee page and I want the affected end user field to populate the user name of the person who is logging the call. This page already has Reported by field which fetches value from $cst.combo_name, this displays the name of the person. To achieve my requirement I created a hidden attribute as customer_combo_name, then in the loadAction() I mentioned document.main.forms["Set.customer"]=$cst.combo_name.



After the page is loaded, I can see the username in the Affected end user field. However, post clicking on Save button it displays an error saying required attribute missing, though the value is visible. What I observed is, since it is lookup, if manually select the value or press tab in that field and click save button, the ticket is created successfully.

Is there any way to set default value to the affected end user field apart from above method?


Scenario 2:

I have CI dropdown field in the above employee page which displays the CI attached to the current logged in user. This dropdown should display the list of CIs attached to the Affected End user. If we change the affected end user then the CIs should also change and display accordingly. 


If this is not possible then, can I have the same attribute with two different controls, like one would be dropdown and other would be the lookup