Area Graph Layering Issue

Discussion created by Dale_Stockman Champion on Aug 31, 2016
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The layering of graph areas is based on a set order that follows the legend order - Blue in back, grey in the middle, green up front.  This is Ok, as long as the quantities/areas are as shown in the first graph, above.  However, in the second graph, the Closed area is greater than the Resolved area, and so it overlaps completely, practically hiding the Resolved area.


How it appears to work:  Area layers are displayed in a fixed order.


How it should work:  Area layers should be displayed based on area measure - largest area in back, smallest area in front.  Colors should not change - i.e. using example, always want Open to be blue, Resolved to be grey, Closed to be green, regardless of their position in the layer stack.


Anyone know of a workaround?  If not, will submit as an idea.