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Email listener - Information on sender/subject

Question asked by JJZoutendijk on Sep 1, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2016 by MichielHelder

Hi All,


I am trying to poll an emailbox with the gateway and logging the details on emails in that mailbox. I have set-up an email listener, on an emailbox that listens for email. This listener guides the mail through a webapi (/email*) that picks up the message and puts it in a context variable. However this is only the message itself, i also want information on the sender/ Subject etc. I tried several different context variables but none seem to work. Some of the context vars i have tried to pick up information of the email:


${request.http.allheadervalues}, ${request.http.headervalues}, ${request.headervalues}, ${request.ssl.sessionid}, ${request.tcp.remoteIP} , ${request.ssl.sessionid}, ${request.tcp.remoteIP},


Can anybody tell me what context would contain information on the subject, sender, ipadress etc?


Many Thanks,


Jan Jaap