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User License Administration

Question asked by Will_Lloyd on Sep 1, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2016 by Will_Lloyd

I am trying to start an effective process of managing the assignment of PPM user licenses by determining the connection between:

  1. Active Resources,
  2. Their Department OBS,
  3. The Groups I have assigned them, and
  4. Their last Login Date

The Resource Management Domain contains the proper join between Resources and the Department, but without the Group and Login attributes, I'll have to develop a new Domain. Tables like 'DWH_RES_SECURITY' and 'DWH_RES_SECURITY_V' have too few attributes to create the necessary display.


So far, I have yielded only partial success with pulling the tables CMN_SEC_USER_GROUPS and CMN_SEC_USERS.


Has anyone approached this topic before and have any pointers for tables/joins/attributes to use?