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Fetching Domain OID's using java sdk

Question asked by RaviSapare on Sep 1, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2016 by RaviSapare

Hi Guys,


I was working on fetching the domain OID's in SiteMinder R12.52 using java SDK from the following code:


private String getDomainOid(SmPolicyApi policyapi, String domainName)
throws SmApiException {
SmDomain domain = new SmDomain(domainName);
policyapi.getDomain(domainName, domain);
System.out.println("affilate:"+domain.getIsAffiliate()+" "+domain.getOid().toString());



the above code works perfectly for the policy domain, but when i am sending affiliate domain as parameter i am not getting OID. Even when i am using the "getIsAffiliate" method it is returning false for affiliate domain, i dont see many methods for affiliate in 'policyapi' is there any other api to be used? Is there any other class to be used? to fetch the Affiliate domain's OID's?