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Question asked by ricardosp_br on Sep 2, 2016
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Hello! I need to quote the following metrics in a report, the problem is that these texts are very shallow (very simple), I need better detail these metrics (and detailed) can help me?

Apache-based performance metrics

The following performance metrics are available for Apache, IBM HTTP Server, and Oracle HTTP Server web servers:


  • Bytes Transferred Per Interval
    Total number of bytes the workers (server) serve per interval. Available only if ExtendedStatus is enabled.
  • Current Number of Busy Workers
    The number of workers serving requests.
  • Current Number of Idle Workers
    The number of idle workers.
  • Current Percentage CPU Load
    The current percentage CPU used in total by all workers in the web server. Available only if ExtendedStatus is enabled. Available only for Apache servers on UNIX machines.
  • Requests Per Interval
    Number of requests the workers (server) serve per interval. Available only if ExtendedStatus is enabled.

Current Status of Worker Processes/Threads (%)

The following metrics are available for Current Status of Worker Processes/Threads (%):

  • Closing connection
    Percentage of workers closing connection already created.
  • DNS Lookup
    Percentage of workers performing a DNS lookup for IP address to host name resolution.
  • Gracefully finishing
    Percentage of workers doing a graceful finish operation before actually closing the connection.
  • Idle cleanup of worker
    Percentage of workers doing an idle cleanup.
  • Keepalive (read)
    Percentage of workers keeping some of the existing connections alive before timing out and closing it.
  • Logging
    Percentage of workers involved in logging the activities to log files or custom log listeners.
  • Open slot with no current process
    This percentage indicates the free slots for workers which can be filled up with a process due to incoming requests.
  • Reading Request
    Percentage of workers reading a request in their process.
  • Sending Reply
    Percentage of workers sending a reply in their process.
  • Starting up
    Percentage of workers starting up in a new process to serve a request.
  • Waiting for Connection
    Percentage of workers that started and are waiting for a connection so that request processing can begin.